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    For ALL Dboys & Dgirls!

  • ODSO (Official Dboy Scout Order) is...

    A fan club where ANYBODY is welcome as long as the message of LUV and Rock'n'Roll are carried through. As member of the ODSO (Official Dboy Scout Order) you will receive many perks along with the honour of flying the DBOY flag. Like many other of the great fan clubs, armies or navies, there is a moral code and responsibility that comes with the neckerchief.


    1. Assholes, racists, bigots, sexists and dickheads will not be welcomed or tolerated. As a member of the ODSO you represent DBOY, a movement that preaches the love of EVERYONE and rock'n'roll. Everyone else, welcome!
    2. ODSO is a family, we help and look out for our fellow Scouts.
    3. When at other Rock concerts, we wear our Dboy neckerchiefs to show solidarity in the Rock'n'Roll community. We do not discriminate like minded groups who are also rock'n'rollin'.
    4. You are responsible for helping spread the DBOY gospel. Posting, postering, screaming and yelling will fill the DBOY hearts.
    5. Always and forever, PROVE YOUR LOVE

    For the fee of $40 for you ODSO membership you will get you DBOY Scout starter kit. Your ODSO package will include...

    • The Official ODSO Membership Neckerchief 
    • The Official ODSO Membership Patch
    • The Official ODSO Membership Enamel Pin
    • The Official ODSO Membership Mask