DBoY has sent us this massage outlining ther purpose. In this paper I am trying to find clues as to who this mysterios band is. Below i have put my founding.

    What does tis all meen?

    Top of the paper

    To start / This logo of hands shaking has appeared before on DBOY. It appeers to be logo of DBOY LOVE.


    PYL-LIB-WRC-237 - From be detective is have these answers.

    PYL = Prove Your Love (The movement they started)

    LIB = I think this is the biggest klue from DBOY telling us ther locastion. LIVING IN BERLIN. I have other evidence to show later

    WRC = I am not shure but appears on the label of Prove You Love : Live in Belem.

    237 = ?????

    Point #2. .... keep Welland the centre of the universe (Welland is a town in Canada, Niagara. Very small with waterways) Is this ther original home??????)


    Point #9. Rock'n'roll is their only purpose.


    Point #3. They hide their identity bekause rock'n'roll is about the music and massage, not tattoo and haircut. They hide their face because EVERYBODY is a DBOY and EVERYBODY is in that mask.

    MORE TO COME!!!!!!